What’s it all About?

While I’ve had a (semi)professional online persona for some time, this will be my first foray into a professional blog. Mostly I plan on using this blog as a means of sharing whatever I’m working on for classes, whether that’s short essays, digital projects, or drafts for sections of longer papers. I think it will be a nice way to force me to polish my academic work a little bit more¬†while offering a public forum for feedback that might help make it better before it’s graded. In between there may be some posts on personal/professional thoughts on current events or other scholarship, I’m not really sure.

Because I’m not required to write (nor do I plan on writing) a thesis for my degree, I’m not on an academic track, and I have a wide variety of academic interests there could be any number of things that show up here. And to be honest I’m not sure the blog will outlive the semester, but I’m going to give a shot. My professional goals are to become an archivist, so my professional academic interests revolve around archives. Some topics I’m interested in within archives include MPLP (More Product, Less Processing), digital archives, personal archives, personal *digital* archives, preservation/conservation, and genealogical reference/research. On the history side, as I said, I’m not required to write a thesis, so my “research” doesn’t have to be as limited as some. I’m interested in 19th and early 20th-century immigration patterns in the United States. I’m also interested in medieval history, especially cultural exchange during the Crusades. I also enjoy working with digital technologies to present information in new and engaging ways, especially working with GIS/Mapping projects.

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