I graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2012 with degrees in Archaeology and History. After graduating I stayed in the area and did some substitute teaching for the area’s public school system. I got a job as a field archaeologist working all over Wisconsin at a small archaeology firm and moved to Milwaukee. The nature of the job kept me away from home during the work week for nine months of the year. A year later, that small firm was bought out by a much larger national environmental firm to be the local archaeology division. This afforded me the mixed blessing of getting to travel to more places around the country to do archaeology, but it also meant I was away from home for months at a time. After three years, and much soul-searching, I came to the realization that my chosen profession was not fulfilling my passion. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my long time hobby, genealogy, and my love of historical research into a new, stable career that would allow me to come home every night, while also igniting that missing passion in me. I was lucky that Milwaukee had one of the best MLIS programs in the nation, and after some research, I applied for, and was accepted into, the Coordinated MA History/MLIS program. The rest is…history.

I currently live about a half block north of the Milwaukee city limits in Shorewood, Wisconsin. When I’m not doing school or work my hobbies include photography, doing genealogy for myself and friends, exploring the outdoors, and reading authors such as Neil Gaiman and Neal Stephenson, among many others.